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Fashion | 11 07 2021



Javier Calleja

哈维尔·卡勒加,《拜拜蜜蜂》,2020,布面丙烯,1300mm x 1620mm

图片致谢艺术家和Nanzuka 画廊

Javier Calleja, Bye, Bye, Bee, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 1300mm x 1620mm

Courtesy the artist and Nanzuka

哈维尔·卡勒加,《人人为自己》,2020,布上丙烯,1620 x 1950 mm,X美术馆馆藏

Javier Calleja, Sálvese quien pueda, 2020, Acrylic on canvas, 1620 x 1950 mm,X Museum Collection



在过去的几年里,哈维尔·卡勒加的大眼男孩在欧洲和亚洲其他地区逐渐变得炙手可热,此次 X 美术馆将这个纯真无邪的男孩带入展厅,邀请大家一同走进他丰富的内心世界。


The glass-eyed figures created by Spanish artist Javier Calleja have received widespread acclaim for their exaggerated head shapes, bright and innocent eyes, as well as their frank and humorous emotions.

Calleja's images of wide-eyed boys reflect the artist's own feelings and experiences. The figures evolve from sketches to paintings and sculptures, depicting boys in a transitional period of adolescence and youth. With their oversized watery eyes and muted red cheeks, these boys look like little heroes who have just overcome adversity and are about to smile again after crying.

Over the past few years, the character has been a hit in Europe and Asia. In the year of 2022, X Museum will bring this innocent boy into the museum space and invite you to enter into his inner world.



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